Division of Basic Sciences

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Gravanis Achilleas Professor of Pharmacology gravania@uoc.gr +302810394521 +302810394519
Gregoriou Georgia Associate Professor of Physiology gregoriou@uoc.gr +302810394505  
Dalezios Yannis Associate Professor of Physiology dalezios@uoc.gr +302810394504 +302810394507
Iliopoulos Ioannis Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology-Genomics Bioinformatics ioannis@uoc.gr +302810394539 +302810394518
Theodoropoulos Panayiotis Professor of Biochemistry takis@uoc.gr +302810394546 +302810394544
Thermos Kyriaki Professor of Pharmacology thermos@uoc.gr +302810394533 +302810394532
Karagogeos Domna Professor of Molecular Biology - Developmental Neurobiology karagogd@uoc.gr +302810394542 +302810394543
Kardassis Dimitris Professor of Biochemistry kardasis@uoc.gr +302810394549 +302810394564
Liapakis George Professor of Pharmacology liapakig@uoc.gr +302810394525 +302810394522
Mavrothalassitis George Professor of Medical Chemistry mavro@uoc.gr +302810394537 +302810394545
Moschovakis Adonis Professor of Physiology moschova@uoc.gr +302810394509 +302810394506
Papakonstanti Evangelia Associate Professor of Biochemistry epapak@uoc.gr +302810394554 +302810394641
Raos Vassilis Associate Professor of Physiology raos@uoc.gr +302810394512  
Tavernarakis Nektarios Professor of Molecular Systems Biology tavernarakis@uoc.gr +302810391066 +302810391065
Charalampopoulos Ioannis Associate Professor of Pharmacology charalampn@uoc.gr +302810394531 +302810394519


Division of Internal Medicine

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Agelaki Sofia Associate Professor of Medical Oncology agelaki@uoc.gr +302810392438 +302810394605
Αntoniou Katerina Associate Professor of Thoracic Medicine kantoniou@med.uoc.gr +302810392744 +302810542650
Ganotakis Emmanouel Professor of Internal Medicine ganotak@med.uoc.gr +302810392360 +302810392359
Gikas Achilleas Professor of Internal Medicine gikas.achilles@uoc.gr +302810375050 +302810392359
Goulielmos Giorgos Professor in Genetics (Human Molecular Genetics with emphasis in Internal Medicine) goulielmos@med.uoc.gr +302810394673 +302810394626
Dafnis Evgenios Professor of Nephrology dafnis@uoc.gr +302810392418 +302810394568
Kalaitzakis Evaggelos Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology evangelos.kalaitzakis@uoc.gr +302810392687  
Koutroubakis Ioannis Professor of Gastroenterology ikoutroub@med.uoc.gr +302810392254 +302810542085
Kofteridis Diamantis Associate of Ιnternal Medicine kofterid@uoc.gr +302810392688 +302810394917
Kochiadakis Georgios Professor of Cardiology kochiadg@uoc.gr +302810375026 +302810542055
Krasagakis Konstantine Professor of Dermatology krasagak@med.uoc.gr +302810392431 +302810394579
Krüger-Krasagakis Sabine-Elke Associate Professor of Dermatology krkras@med.uoc.gr +302810392431 +302810394579
Mavroudis Dimitrios Professor of Medical Oncology mavrudis@med.uoc.gr +302810392750 +302810394605
Bertsias George Assistant Professor Rheumatology - Clinical Immunology gbertsias@uoc.gr +302810394635 +302810394628
Mouzas Ioannis Professor of Gastroenterology mouzasi@uoc.gr +302810392254 +302810392223
Papadaki Eleni Professor of Hematology e.papadaki@uoc.gr +302810392805 +302810394629
Parthenakis Fragiskos Professor of Cardiology fparth@med.uoc.gr +302810392255 +302810542055
Pontikoglou Charalambos Associate Professor of Hematology xpontik@uoc.gr +302810392805 +302810394629
Simantirakis Emmanouel Professor of Cardiology simantir@uoc.gr +302810395048 +302810542055
Sidiropoulos Prodromos Assistant Professor of Rheumatology sidiropp@med.uoc.gr +302810394873 +302810394628
Skalides Emmanuel Associate Professor of Cardiology - Hemodynamics skalides@uoc.gr +302810395257 +302810542055
Stylianu Konstantinos Assistant Professor of Nephrology kstylianu@med.uoc.gr    
Souglakos Ioannis Associate Professor of Medical Oncology souglak@uoc.gr +302810394912 +302810394605
Schiza Sophia Associate Professor of Thoracic Medicine schiza@med.uoc.gr +302810392436 +302810394824
Tzanakis Nikolaos Professor of Clinical Epidemiology tzanakis@med.uoc.gr +302810392224 +302810542650
Filippatos Theodosios Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine filtheo@uoc.gr +302810392688  


Division of Laboratory Medicine

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Venihaki Maria Associate Professor of Clinical Chemistry venihaki@med.uoc.gr +302810394583  
Kampa Maria-Eleni Associate Professor of Experimental Endocrinology kampam@uoc.gr +302810394515 +302810394586
Notas George Associate Professor of Clinical Chemistry gnotas@uoc.gr +302810394556  
Scoulica Efstathia Associate Professor of Clinical Bacteriology scoulica@med.uoc.gr +302810394576  
Sourvinos George Professor of Clinical Virology sourvino@med.uoc.gr +302810394835  
Tsatsanis Christos Professor of Clinical Biochemistry tsatsani@med.uoc.gr +302810394833 +302810394833
Hamilos George Associate Professor of hamilos@uoc.gr +302810394560  
Associate Anna Assistant Professor of Zoonoses annapsa@med.uoc.gr +302810394743  
Zafiropoulos Alexandros Assistant Professor of Histology zafeiros@med.uoc.gr +302810394749 +302810394715


Division of Morphology

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Drakos Ilias Assistant Professor of Pathological Anatomy hdrakos@med.uoc.gr +302810394708 +302810394819
Kalogeraki Alexandra Associate Professor of Cytopathology a.kalogeraki@med.uoc.gr +302810394692 +302810394705
Koutsopoulos Anastasios Associate Professor of Pathological Anatomy akoutsop@med.uoc.gr +302810394706 +302810394706
Kranioti Elena Assistant Professor of Forensic Medicine ekranioti@uoc.gr +302810542097 +302810392520
Dragana Nikitovits-Tzanakaki Associate Professor of Histology - Embryology dnikitovic@med.uoc.gr +302810394557 +302810394745
Tzanakakis Georgios Professor of Anatomy - Histology tzanakak@med.uoc.gr +302810394719 +302810394735
Tzardi Maria Professor of Pathological Anatomy tzardi@med.uoc.gr +302810394691 +302810394691
Tzatzarakis Emmanouil Assistant Professor of Toxicology tzatzarakis@med.uoc.gr +302810394777 +302810394681
Tsatsakis Aristides Professor of Toxicology tsatsaka@uoc.gr +302810394870 +302810394910
Tsiaousis John Associate Professor of Anatomy jtsiaoussis@med.uoc.gr +302810394716 +302810394717


Division of Mother And Child Health

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Vergadi Eleni Assistant Professor of Paediatrics eleni.vergadi@uoc.gr +302810392290 +302810394665
Vrekoukis Thomas   thomas.vrekousis@uoc.gr +302810392331  
Galanakis Emmanouel Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology emmgalan@med.uoc.gr +302810392012 +302810394663
Germanakis Ioannis Associate Professor of Paediatrics germanai@uoc.gr +302810392097  
Dimitriou Eleni Professor of Experimental Pediatrics lena.dimitriou@uoc.gr +302810394674 +302810394664
Ilia Savroula   stavroula.ilia@uoc.gr +302810395024  
Makrigiannakis Antonios Professor of Obstetrics - Gynaeocology makrygia@uoc.gr +302810375313 +302810394591
Matalliotakis Ioannis Professor of Obstetrics - Gynaeocology matallii@uoc.gr +302813408299 +302810394599
Perdikogianni Chryssoula Assistant of Paediatrics perdikogian@uoc.gr +302810392752 +302810394663
Steiakaki Eftichia Professor of Pediatric Haematology-Oncology efstel@uoc.gr +302810392852 +302810394663
Hatzidaki Eleftheria   el.hatzidaki@uoc.gr +302810392608  


Division of Neurology And Sensory Organs

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Vakis Antonis Associate Professor of Neurosurgery vakisant@med.uoc.gr +302810392819  
Velegrakis Georgios Professor of Otorhinolaryngology gvel@med.uoc.gr +302810392680  
Detorakis Efstathios Associate Professor of Ophthalmology edetorakis@med.uoc.gr +302810392353 +302810394640
Zaganas Ιoannis Assistant Professor of Neyrology johnzag@med.uoc.gr +302810394643 +302810394647
Karatzanis Alexandros Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology a.karatzanis@uoc.gr +302810392466  
Mitsias Panagiotis Professor of Neurology mitsias@med.uoc.gr +302810392363  
Prokopakis Emmanuel Associate Professor of Otolaryngology eprokopakis@med.uoc.gr +302810392347  
Siganos Charalambos Associate Professor of Ophthalmology csiganos@med.uoc.gr +302810392737 +302810394640
Spanaki Klio Assistant Professor of Neurology kliospanaki@med.uoc.gr +302810394651 +302810394647
Tsilimbaris Miltiadis Professor of Ophthalmology tsilimb@med.uoc.gr +302810392351 +302810394640


Division of Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Vgontzas Alexandros Professor of Psychiatry avgontzas@med.uoc.gr +302810392396  
Basta Maria Associate Professor of Psychiatry mbasta@med.uoc.gr +302810392774  
Bitsios Panagiotis Professor of Psychiatry pbitsios@med.uoc.gr +302810394610  
Simos Panagiotis Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology simosp@uoc.gr +302810394661  
Soumaki Eugenia Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry soumakijenny@uoc.gr    


Division of Radiology

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Damilakis John Professor of Medical Physics john.damilakis@med.uoc.gr +302810392569 302810392569
Karantanas Apostolos Professor of Radiology karantanas@med.uoc.gr +302810392541  
Koukouraki Sophia Assistant Professor of Nuclear Medicine skoukou@med.uoc.gr +302810392565  
Mazonakis Michael Assistant Professor of Medical Physics mazonak@med.uoc.gr +302810392342  
Maris Thomas Associate Professor of Medical Physics tmaris@med.uoc.gr +302810392797  
Papadaki Eufrosini Assistant Professor of Neuroradiology fpapada@uoc.gr +302810392801  
Perisinakis Konstantinos Associate Professor of Medical Physics kostas.perisinakis@med.uoc.gr +302810392364 +302810392364
Raissaki Maria Associate Professor of Paediatric Radiology mariarai@med.uoc.gr +302810392556  
Tolia Maria Associate Professor of Radiotherapy      
Tsetis Dimitrios Professor of Interventional Radiology tsetis@med.uoc.gr +302810392033  


Division of Social Medicine

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Karamanou Marianna Associate Professor of History of Medicine mkaramanou@uoc.gr +302810394810  
Kritsotakis Evangelos Associate Professor of Biostatistics e.kritsotakis@uoc.gr +302810394619  
Lionis Christos Professor of General Practice & Primary Health Care lionis@med.uoc.gr +302810394621  
Symvoulakis Emmanouel Assistant Professor of Primary Health Care esymvoulakis@uoc.gr    
Tsiligianni Ioanna Assistant Professor of Social Medicine i.tsiligianni@uoc.gr +302810394607  
Chatzi Leda Assistant Professor of Nutritional - Epidemiology lchatzi@uoc.gr +302810394612 +302810394603
Chlouverakis Gregory Associate Professor of Biostatistics gchlouve@med.uoc.gr +302810394682  


Division of Surgery

Name Title E-Mail Office Laboratory
Aggouridakis Panagiotis Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine agouridp@med.uoc.gr +302810392883  
Vaporidi Aikaterini Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine vaporidi@med.uoc.gr +302810392718 +302810394729
Georgopoulos Dimitrios Professor of Medicine - Intensive Care georgop@med.uoc.gr +302810392636 +302810394729
Eelco de Bree Professor of General Surgery and Surgical Oncology debree@med.uoc.gr +302810392056  
Zoras Odysseas Professor of General Surgery ozoras@med.uoc.gr +302810392392  
Ioannou Christos Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery ioannou@med.uoc.gr +302810392379  
Kondyli Eumorfia Associate Professor of Intensive Care Medicine konde@med.uoc.gr +302810392585 +302810394729
Kontakis George Professor of Orthopaedics kontak@med.uoc.gr +302810394801  
Kontopodis Nikolaos Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery nkontopodis@uoc.gr +302810392393  
Lazopoulos Georgios Assistant Professor of Thorasic Surgery g.lazopoulos@med.uoc.gr +302810375347  
Lasithiotakis Kostantinos Assistant Professor of Surgery k.lasithiotakis@uoc.gr +302810392307  
Mamoulakis Charalambos Associate Professor of Urology c.mamoulakis@med.uoc.gr +302810392340  
Baritaki Stavroula Assistant Professor of Experimental Oncology baritaks@uoc.gr +302810394727  
Papaioannou Alexandra Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology alpapa@med.uoc.gr +302810394733 +302810394731
Romanos Ioannis Associate Professor of General Surgery romanos@med.uoc.gr +302810392383  
Tosounidis Theodoros Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Traumatology ttosounidis@uoc.gr +302810392375  
Chryssos Emmanouel Professor of General Surgery atlscrete@med.uoc.gr +302810392307