The School of Medicine


The beginning
The Medical School of the University of Crete was established in 1983 and admitted its first students in 1984. In 1989 it moved to its new campus which is one of the biggest medical and research complexes in Greece located about 7 km from Heraklion. The campus includes a spacious and functional 24,000 square meter, ten-wing building and a modern, well-equipped University Hospital.



Current Status and Future
The Medical School of the University of Crete has always aspired to become a modern teaching and research centre committed to excellence in education and training of students, physicians and biomedical scholars. Since its inception, it has established a great number of activities and interventions in education, research, and health care and has collaborated with scientific and social sectors in Greece and abroad.
The School of MedicineThe School has achieved international recognition, as evidenced by the participation of several of its faculty members in the executive boards, administrative committees and councils of European or World scientific associations and professional organizations. Faculty members are active members of Editorial Boards of scientific journals as well as decision-making bodies of funding institutions. Several Divisions of the School and individual faculty members have longstanding collaborations with the World Health Organization and the Commission of the European Union.
In the years ahead the Medical School of the University of Crete aspires to maintain its position in the centers of excellence in Biomedical Sciences.



The University Hospital
The University Hospital of Heraklion is closely connected to the School of Medicine. Its main functions are:

  • to provide outstanding secondary and - mainly - tertiary specialized health care to the people of Crete and the southern Aegean islands
  • to provide the highest level of clinical training and education to
    • the medical students of the University of Crete,
    • the nursing students of the Technological Educational Institute of Heraklion,
    • medical residents (full clinical and laboratory training residency programs in all medical specialties plus a great number of sub-specialties).
  • to provide Continuing Medical Education programs to medical specialists and health professionals.
The School of MedicineThe School of Medicine