Division of Morphology

Division of MorphologyΑDear Colleagues and Friends,

The Department of Morphology includes the Laboratories of:

  • Anatomy-Histology-Embryology,
  • Pathology
    (Histopathology, Cytology, Electronic Microscopy, Immunohistology)
  • Forensic Science & Toxicology
    (Toxicology& Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Science)
The Department consists of 9 faculty members that participate intensively in the whole spectrum of academic (pre- and postgraduate) and clinical activities.
During the last 20 years the Dept is growing remarkably. The continuing efforts for high level medical education and research shape the coreof our common academic values. This has resulted in significant academic achievements of our faculty members as it is obviously determined by their publications citations and other academic distinctions as well.
Being focused on the aforementioned values we aim over time on the scientific excellence. We consider that is the most efficient way to offer our students a high quality armamentarium in an international competitive scientific environment and high level medical service to community.
George Tzanakakis,
Professor of Anatomy-Histology
Director Dept of Division of Morphology
Division of Morphology