Division of Laboratory Medicine - (Research Activities)

Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry

(M. Venihaki, C. Tsatsanis)
Graduate students:4 Postdoctoral scientists: 3
Analysis of the involvement of stress-related neuropeptides in inflammation, wound healing and cancer; Crosstalk between the neuroendocrine and immune systems; Effects of neuropeptides on adipocyte function and homeostasis; Molecular mechanisms of macrophage activation and inactivation.

- Website: http://clinchem.med.uoc.gr/


Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis (CMMP)

(E. Skoulika, G. Chamilos, A. Psaroulaki)
Research at Laboratory of CMMP focuses on:
  • Cutting edge basic and translational research in the following areas:
    • Host defense and fungal pathogenesis
    • Parasitology
    • Bacterial infections
    • Rickettsial and Vectorborne Zoonotic Diseases
    • Environmental Microbiology
- Website: http://www.cmmp.med.uoc.gr


Laboratory of Clinical Virology

( G. Sourvinos, A. Zafeiropoulos)
PhD students=18, Technicians=3, Post-doctoral researchers=3, Teaching Associate=1
1) Oncogenes and viral oncogenesis. 2) HPV in human malignancies 3) Genetic polymorphisms and susceptibility in ΗΙV infection. 4) Epidemiological study of Hepatitis B and C viral incidence in the Cretan population. 5) Herpes virus DNA replication 6) Regulation and localization of herpes virus gene expression 7) Activation of signal transduction pathways upon Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection. 8) Expression of cellular and viral microRNAs during HCMV infection

- Website: Laboratory of Clinical Virology - Research interests


Laboratories of Experimental Endocrinology & Clinical Immunology

(M. Kampa, G. Notas)
Postdoctoral Students=2, Assistants=1, PostDoc fellows=2
Identification and molecular/cellular mechanisms involved in rapid (extranuclear) steroid actions. Basic and translational research for their possible implication as novel diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents in hormone-sensitive cancer. Iteraction with growth factors (erythropoietin). Interaction of the TNF superfamily members with steroid ligands/receptors and growth factors in hormone-sensitive cancer. Identification and effects of natural or hemi-synthetic polyphenols on the growth, differentiation and fate of cancer cells, and study of their mechanisms of action. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuropeptide (opioids and natural or synthetic analogs) control of cancer cell fate, with special emphasis in hormone-dependent cancer.


Laboratories of Hematology

(Ch. Kalpadaki)
Research of Hematology Laboratory focuses on the study of:
1. Primary hemostasis disorders in patients with cardiac diseases
2. Coagulation disorders – thrombophilia
3. T-cell populations by flow cytometry in patients with chronic neutropenia
4. Detection of prognostic factors by flow cytometry in patients with lymphoproliferative disorders
5. Detection of MRD by 8-color flow cytometry in patients with hematology malignancies
6. Identification of genes with diagnostic and prognostic value in patients with hematology malignancies .